Ha Giang is a mountainous province in the north, about 300 km from Hanoi. It not only attracts tourists in the charming natural scenery, friendly people, delicious food. Ha Giang guests to remember what once was marked characteristic mountain town here.

Ha Giang Tourism attracts tourists, people go phượt with triangular circuit flower field, hands bend between the rugged mountain slope and line sides scented beads that when the roads were hugging the hill like Dalat but also because of the interesting places such Chieu Lau Thi mountain – which is considered the “roof” 3rd of the Vietnam or Sung La valley more people know and look to the film “the story of Pao”, … or in the streets as people move phượt Ha Giang travel through Bac Sum, Pho Bang … and especially Vice Happiness is in the way, marked the history of Ha Giang.

Ha Giang already imprinted in my heart


First feeling was standing on Ma Pi Leng, on the street named Happiness, fresh air, unspoiled nature and so I know there is a Ha Giang already imprinted in my heart.

I promise with Ha Giang has twice, the desire to set foot on land remote places of the country was beginning, been to the highland district – where a large concentration of ethnic minorities in the country , is to explore and learn more deeply about the life of ethnic people in the mountains, to get more experience of youth not only the skin away always in my soul.

Motorcycle-for-rent-in-Ha-Giang-viet-namPath to happiness with the people phượt challenging roads (Photo by Quang Tan)

Oh the Dong Van, Meo Vac, Quan Ba, Yen Minh – the names strong enough to beckon my desire into this trip. Nearly 5 days 5 nights, more than 1,200 km pass by motorcycle and on the go, through many provinces and many districts and many communes, persons and vehicles have time to run all day and night, regardless of wind or the rain cold to the bone, we have jointly completed successful trip and return home satisfied aesthetic absolute safety.

Coming to Ha Giang tour on the last day of the year, on cold winter days cam, it sometimes face was pale and numb limbs not feel the cold, only to look forward to amorously with all what belongs to the place, the people, to landscapes, flowers, grass and spiritual values ​​belong to own that place.

ha-giang-1Lo Lo Chai road in view from Lung Cu flagpole atop the snake looked like people crawling on the cliff (Photo by Quang Tan)

Chances are, you will say that I am somewhat apparently overstatement to say about the piece of land where the North Pole this sucking pig? But believe me, to Ha Giang, you will be very much the trip would be a simple gift, unexpected and wonderful that you will constantly have to exclaim: Oh beautiful! Then, when you return you will be returned to gloat, it’s like you are addicted to a certain wonderful dishes that just want to eat more, eat more, eat forever … And like me, will have countless experiences and emotions you want to keep for himself, wants to bring back to packed urban life noisy, busy and chaotic.

Forget how improved the endless golden fields stretching across the valley or fair Sung Sa Phin is gloomy winter afternoon splashing. Forget how the winding mountain pass road as gorgeous silk or cornering downhill stretches sleeve. Forget how to be a shadow of the woman Hmong heavy baskets on their shoulders firewood, cantering cantering steps faster than the jungle where the night when the ball was covered with crimson sunset cliffs horns cat ears, shape the kid image blur her face, snot dripping, naked or barefoot roadside played between infernal cold frontier a few degrees Celsius, the pretty little hand waving raised you, those eyes toilet covered with strangers and timid innocence when you give gifts. Forget how the corn tut fragrant wine tourists heartwarming that people call it the nation’s corn flower jungle besides trying to win the pot steaming on the last corner of the fair.

ha-giang-trong-tim-toiImages of trying to win the pot steaming are the images commonly found in Ha Giang. Photo: Tuan Mark

And it’s hard to tell you I understand the feeling of the first time he was standing on Ma Pi Leng with my car rental ha giang motorbike tour, is located on a street named Happiness – one of the four elements Pass renowned northern mountains of Vietnam, ecstatically happy picture painted marine admire the charming sight. An intense beauty just makes the heart weaker tourists came here for the first time visible embarrassment, fear, just peace to the exotic, stimulating people to look at themselves, to watch … winter afternoon , I keep looking forever on high mountains headline set distance, the other looking down the valley forever Nho Que river where sensual rolling mountains surround you. And countless more amazing things I will tell you in one day we sat together. And I know there’s a Ha Giang has imprinted in his heart like that.

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The Season Appropriate for Participation Ha Giang Tours


Ha Giang is always attractive to join the Ha Giang Tours, people phượt by unspoiled natural beauty and rich cultural beauty, cuisine, people urge the post, naivete here.

Located in the far north of Vietnam, with the wild beauty, noiseless, no skyscrapers, trade centers or amusement parks busy, but this place attractive to tourists from everywhere by steep cliffs, slopes and deep valleys engulfed in clouds, steam cold, old houses, terraces and warm cup of wine by the fire between the cold winter night …. and that’s all well makes you never forget.


If you forgive part in the Ha Giang Tours in the spring, you will be involved in the traditional carnival celebrations here as the life of the Tay, bare Buffalo festival, carnival horse auction, Long Tong festival. .. the festival is the cultural characteristic, only own separate Ha Giang.

In March the beautiful moment of Ha Giang, plum blossom, white peach flowers bloom spring full of colors, both submerged in the highlands as flower color. The forest cherry, plum blossom brilliant on the majestic mountain scenery makes a beautiful as a picture wearing. You will have a great photo if Ha Giang tour at this time.

Join Ha Giang tour in April, at which time you will be involved in major festivals such as Khau Vai love market opportunity. This is one of the most unique festivals in Ha Giang. To Khau Vai love market, you will be crowded to the atmosphere, cheerful young men and women of the Ha Giang, pictures of girl, guy loose on their impulses in ethnic clothes beautiful game side by side story, ogle hard place to be.

tour du lịch hà giang cho dân phượt: khám phá chợ tình khâu vai

“Khau Vai Love Market” is one of the special culture of Ha Giang, stems from a romantic love story full of humanity, Khau Vai love market today despite many changes but little cachet remains unique private. In the bustle of the purchase, sale and exchange of goods, it is still seen somewhere eyes searching absorbed, still heard echoing somewhere reed, felt young said in a whisper of wind harmony as tell tourists ancient love story, the old …

Join Ha Giang Tour in May, in June you will be witnessing “pour water season, this time, Ha Giang as a dreamily beautiful oil paintings with images of the terraces were filled with shiny water like a mirror in the sun to prepare for a new season. If you come here at this time will be mixed in the same joyful atmosphere, exciting hustle people embarked on plowed, bring water to the fields, to prepare for a new crop. This is the only season rice cultivation in terraces on so if missed this time, visitors will have to wait another year to be lost to pour water season here.

tour du lịch hà giang điểm đến thú vị trong ngày 40/4

With the Ha Giang tour in August and 9, you will find your choice is right at this point. Ha Giang moment steeped in both bright yellow color of ripe rice fields. The shiny golden terraces under the wind rushing like the yellow ribbon endless stretches until the end of the horizon

The best time to Ha Giang, join the Ha Giang tours  is October, November when the triangular circuit fields blooming flowers around the slopes, foothills. Around Ha Giang as purple strip a red carpet. No one can expect to be barren highlands, barren gravel and steep rugged rocks could grow flowers such gentle draft. United triangular circuit as vast as the plains, while sprouting flowers protruding into the refuge, while his back in interstitial rock fill, sometimes shy shy walls inside the house a rustic, simple.


After the season is the season of flowers triangular circuit wealth yellow flowers bloom in May 12. This time the weather in Ha Giang began chilly, visitors to the Ha Giang tour to enjoy the wonderful nature and weather.

With Motorcycle tour in ha giang vietnam you want to know more about Jiang.

That’s the reason you come to the Ha Giang tours whether you are in or outside the country, just you love wildlife, love subculture, like shifting, loves to explore the Ha Giang is a great choice.

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Ha Giang Tours: Triangle flower festival and cultural festival circuit Mong II th National

tour du lich ha giang

Just to reschedule up to September, 10 the season of blooming flowers triangular circuit around the fields and valleys in Ha Giang and Ha Giang as every year a meeting recently to discuss plans to celebrate holidays large & triangular flower festival circuit Ha Giang province in 2016 and the second cultural Festival Mong II th national 2016; welcomes tourists from all parts of the country to visit, participate in Ha Giang Tours.

Tour Du Lịch Hà Giang Tham Dự Lễ hội hoa Tam giác mạch and Ngày hội văn hóa dân tộc Mông toàn quốc lần thứ IIHa Giang Tours Participants Triangle flower festival and cultural festival circuit Mong II th National

And the plan poses of the authorities of Ha Giang to welcome guests to movement as ha Giang tours, flower festival Triangle sẽ Second Circuit held in May 10-2016, Meo Vac Town ( Meo Vac). Important framework sẽ Festival takes place art program; all activities to experience products from flowers Triangle circuit; street festival folk music performances and colorful ethnic costumes Ha Giang all; exhibited all cultural products, agriculture and tourism all districts and cities in the province. Cultural festival nationwide Mong II as the MCI & amp; DL coordination combined with Ha Giang Provincial People’s Committee organized, scheduled to take place in two days in mid-January 11-2016, with the participation of 14 provinces have ethnic Hmong live.

tour du lich ha giangHa Giang tours explore the natural, cultural and human Ha Giang

Tourists to visit Ha Giang tours những would have exciting experiences of nature, human culture as well as major festivals out there.

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Ha Giang Tour – Ideal Destinations


Ha Giang province northwest highlands, where it focuses a lot of ethnic people living with the tradition that any foreign tourists come here also curious and want to learn. Thanks to the beauty of nature bestowed a few years ago Ha Giang is beginning to flourish with the ha giang tour, discover the beauty of nature.

Ha Giang tour is a form of tourism is the young favorite, saving, has a unique experience that can still explore all the beauty here in a completely new style

Coming to Ha Giang, tourists can not help but discover Dong Van Stone Plateau one of the interesting points in the journey to Ha Giang tour

Ha Giang town lies 132 km along the 4C, Dong Van Plateau is a rugged rocky mountains, majestic scenery with immensely impressive.

ha giang tours: motorbike for rent in ha giang

Plateau is located at an average altitude of 1,000 – 1,600m over sea level, on an area spanning 2.356km² 4 districts of Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van, Meo Vac. This as an ideal venue chho who want to challenge their own courage and love to explore the hilly terrain. You can use car motorbike rent in ha giang cost 200k / car

After exploring experience Dong Van Plateau, travelers can visit Lung Cu flagpole – where the northernmost of the country, located on the 1,700 m high atop Mount Dragon. Lung Cu flagpole from over, panoramic away visitors can look at the entire landscape as a picture below poetic, do move people.

Visited Ha Giang, to the land of the people of Meo Vac, visitors can not fail to visit the palace of King Cat, located in Sa Phin, Dong Van. This is the unique art architecture built on a hill turtle shell form.

If anyone has seen the film “Pao’s Story”, then surely will known pictures of houses of ethnic Hmong. This is also one of the attractions many tourists. Though he spent more than half a century, but the house was still intact with space mystique between northwestern mountains.

Alternatively guests can take a stroll in the old town of Dong Van, to explore and learn about the lives of people living in the middle of acres where four rocky surface.

Every year in late October many young people with the aim of ha giang tours be immersed in the forest flowers romantic triangle circuit, walking around the streets with roadside flower forest riches are passionate hearts December moreover visitors can participate in the festival is held every year, walking around the fair Ha Giang Dong Van … is always an ideal destination in the northwest of the country.

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Motorbike rent in ha giang: Explore Ha Giang

Cùng cho thuê xe đi phượt Hà Giang để gần hơn với con người ở nơi đây

Ha Giang conquered this time, not only the visual triangle or immersed circuit between earth and sky views of Ma Pi Leng open in, you still experience all the other lakes are waiting for you to discover the North Pole first place. Ha Giang is a destination with moderate stroke last unspoiled grandeur always appeal to the people traveling around Vietnam. So there are many large Motorbike rent in ha giang to fully enjoy the beautiful scenery here.

1. Ha Giang Visit flower season rental

We are going motorbike rent in ha giang vietnam said the flower season, highlighted petal Plateau add fresh colors. Purple flowers triangular circuit, pink peach, white plum blossom, pear blossom. Season lasts triangular circuit around the end of September to early May 12. Season plum blossom, peach, pear blossom busy after Tet and also according to which the motorcycle rentals are bustling Ha Giang, not always is crowded.

2. Arriving in the first place of the Homeland Conquer

Ha Giang plus motorbike rent in ha giang, very ordinary people can not help but to Lung Cu, the northernmost point of the country. Lung Cu flagpole stood below, watching leaves leaf flag billowing in the wind, witnessed the starting point should be placed strokes S-shaped map is at the heart of national pride and love of country-level rise high.

Cùng dịch vụ cho thuê xe đi phượt Hà Giang ngắm nhìn là cờ tổ quốcSame motorbike tour Ha Giang watching the national flag

3. Experience the life of Hmong people Hmong nực of hospitality and mixed population accounted for in Ha Giang.

Who visit with motorbike rent in ha giang will have the opportunity to experience life in a family of Hmong. In the same house, eating, sleeping and talking of Hmong community is a cultural experience you will remember.

Cùng cho thuê xe đi phượt Hà Giang để gần hơn với con người ở nơi đâyAlong Motorbike rental ha giang vietnam travel closer to people here

4. Throw touch cliff on Competence Pass Code Motorbike rental ha giang vietnam travel in the land, the rocky plateau carries a high rock cliff is situated right on the pass code Beauty, people are challenged to see who stoned touch into the cliff. Look, it is very close, but how to throw stones to fly only half of the road is falling into the abyss. suppose you have a chance to go through, try to remember his throwing property says!

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Tour Ha Giang: The special dishes of hà giang province

Ha Giang is beautiful because it combines harmony between man and nature here. To travel in Ha Giang you will feel a pristine, peaceful life of humans as well as the scene where where daily you can not find in the bustling city where part of, and you are living and working. Many people when to Ha Giang said it not only attracts tourists by human nature,  by the special dishes of ha giang. Ha Giang Tours: The special dishes of hà giang province Ha Giang specialty (The special dishes of hà giang province): Banh Cuon of Dong van old town.

Du Lịch Hà Giang: Bánh cuốn ở phố cổ Đồng Văn được dùng với nước xương, thay vì nước mắm như dưới xuôiHa Giang specialty (The special dishes of hà giang province): eat the same bone tunnel water(internet)

Khi tới du lịch Hà Giang du khách sẽ được thưởng thức bánh cuốn phố cổ Đồng Văn – Hà Giang là một món ăn độc đáo, khác xa so với những món đặc sản khác ở Hà Giang. Đây là món ăn mà du khách thường lựa chọn cho bữa sáng của mình khi tới Hà Giang du lịch. Một “món lạnh” được ăn cùng chén nước lèo ninh xương nóng hổi, bạn sẽ cảm thấy ấm bụng hơn trong thời tiết se se lạnh ở vùng cao nguyên đá này.

  • Đặc sản Hà Giang: Cơm lam Bắc Mê

du lịch hà giang: cơm lam Bắc Mê là thức quà dân dã và phổ biến của đồng bào dân tộc Hà GiangĐặc sản Hà Giang: cơm lam Bắc Mê là thức quà dân dã và phổ biến của đồng bào dân tộc Hà Giang (Nguồn ảnh sưu tập) Với du khách tới tour du lịch Hà Giang cho hay cơm lam Bắc Mê là thức quà dân dã đồng thời là món ăn phổ biến của nhiều đồng bào dân tộc ở Tây Bắc. Cơm Lam được làm từ gạo nếp nương, rồi nướng trong một ống tre nứa, dài. Vị cơm lam thơm và ngọt, ăn dẻo và bùi bùi, du khách đến Hà Giang không chỉ thưởng thức mà còn mua về làm quà rất nhiều.

  • Đặc Sản Hà Giang: Chè shan tuyết

du lịch hà giang: Chè shan tuyết với lá trá còn màu trắng như tuyết phủ, khi uống thì cực kỳ độc đáo đậm vịĐặc sản Hag Giang: Chè shan tuyết với lá trá còn màu trắng như tuyết phủ, khi uống thì cực kỳ độc đáo đậm vị (Ảnh sưu tập) Chè Shan Tuyết được trồng ở khắp các huyện của Hà Giang, nhiều nơi có cây cổ thụ cao tầm 300 – 1000m. Ai đã từng thưởng thức chè Shan Tuyết Hà Giang thì chắc hẳn khó có thể quên được hương vị thơm ngon của chúng. Loại chè này sạch, khi chăm sóc, người dân sử dụng biện pháp tự nhiên nên không hề có những hóa chất độc hại. Và chè Shan tuyết được thu hoạch 4 vụ trong năm nên tới Hà Giang, du khách đến du lịch Hà Giang vào thời điểm nào cũng có thể thưởng thức hương vị thơm ngon của trà Shan tuyết.

  • Đặc sản Hà Giang Mật ong bạc hà

du lịch hà giang: Mật ong bạc hà là đặc sản dân dã quý hiếm và được nhiều người ưa chuộng nhất khi đến Hà GiangMật ong bạc hà là đặc sản dân dã quý hiếm và được nhiều người ưa chuộng nhất khi đến Hà Giang (Ảnh Sưu tập) Mật ong bạc hà là đặc sản dân dã quý hiếm và được nhiều người ưa chuộng nhất khi đến du lịch Hà Giang. Mật ong bạc hà có vị ngọt thanh, dịu nhẹ và thoảng mùi hương hoa bạc hà có tác dụng rất tốt đối với sức khỏe của con người. Là bài thuốc dân dã có công dụng chữa các bệnh về hô hấp, đường tiêu hóa, làm mịn và hồng da.

  • Đặc sản Hà Giang Xôi ngũ sắc

du lịch Hà Giang: Xôi ngũ sắc là món ăn đặc sản mà du khách có thể thưởng thức khi đi du lịch Hà GiangĐặc sản Hà Giang: Xôi ngũ sắc là món ăn đặc sản mà du khách có thể thưởng thức khi đi du lịch Hà Giang (Nguồn ảnh – sưu tập) Xôi ngũ sắc có 5 màu nổi bật khác, trắng, vàng, tím, đỏ, xanh được hoà hợp lại tạo lên món ăn ngon mà bắt mắt. Xôi này được làm từ một loại gạo nếp thơm và dẻo do chính người dân tộc trồng ra, từng hạt gạo trắng thơm lừng được lựa chọn và chúng có ẩn ý đặc trưng gì đó qua các màu sắc của xôi. Xôi ngũ sắc có tính dẻo thơm, nếu để lâu cũng sẽ dễ bị cứng và nếu ăn cũng không cần đến những gia vị khác. Xôi được người dân tộc mang theo để ăn mỗi khi đi làm nương rẫy, bởi vì khoảng cách từ nhà tới chỗ làm khá xa nên họ mang theo ăn lúc đó không mất công đi về. Ăn xôi lại no lâu mà tiện lợi để người dân tộc có thể làm việc tốt hơn. Xem thêm: Dịch vụ cho thuê xe máy Hà Giang phượt Hà Giang Để được thưởng thức những món ăn đặc sản khi tới du lịch Hà Giang là điều bất kỳ ai đều muốn khám phá và thưởng thức. Hãy giành cho mình thời gian để trải nghiệm cuộc sống và nhâm nhi những đặc sản nơi đây mỗi khi đi Hà Giang Nhé! Theo: motorbike rental vietnam

những lưu ý khi đi du lịch Hà Giang

Du Lịch Hà Giang: Những Địa Điểm Ngắm Hoa Tam Giác Mạch Đẹp Nhất


Du lịch hà giang: điểm đến thú vị cho dịp 40/4

tour du lịch hà giang cho dân phượt: khám phá chợ tình khâu vai