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I am QT – I wish to personally welcome you to Ha Giang

Hi my name is Quang Tan or more known as simply QT.
I have for many years worked as a professional motorbike tour guide around the whole of Vietnam. I will admit, there are many, many beautiful and interesting places to see and discover in Vietnam. Some well mentioned in tourist guidebooks others unknown to most. But believe me, and shared with so many of my customers, there is only one place that beats all other in beauty and scenic amazement and that is northern Ha Giang.
I am proud to now have my own business that serves as a gateway to the discovery of this most northern of provinces in Vietnam. Truth is, there are two businesses but I see them as interlinked. There is the QT Hostel where I welcome all for their bed, breakfast or dinner. It is a good place to start or end your journey in Ha Giang or just explore the surrounding of the town which offers good trekking opportunities. It is not your typical backpacker hostel. It is also me, my wife and two boys’ home. We are happy to welcome young and old, international or Vietnamese alike to share a bed and a meal in our house. Then there is also QT Motorbikes and Tours which is your natural extended support to discover the province. In my opinion the best means to do so is on a motorbike. You can ride yourself, sit behind me or any of my English-speaking guides/drivers or I can package a tour for you, both on bike or in a car.

As you are reading this now, you have obviously already begun to discover and get interested in Ha Giang. Please continue reading and when your plans start to materialize I will be so happy to hear from you and extend my and my team’s utmost help to guide you and avail my services to your adventure in Ha Giang.
Quang Tan

Note: if you visit http://qtmotorbikesandtours.com.vn/faqs-2/ you can find more tips and facts that relate to travelling in Ha Ging.

Ha Giang is both a province and a town

Most of people coming to visit and explore Ha Giang do so by bus. You will then arrive at the Ha Giang Bus station and just some 200 m away you find both QT Hostel and QT Motorbikes and Tours (See Google Map for direction, but I am also happy to pick you from the bus station). You have now arrived to what in many guide books state ‘city’ but it is really just a town, nonetheless, the provincial capital of a province that share it name with the town.
Many tourist do not stop for long in the town, but I can tell and for those who has the time are pleased to guide you in the surroundings; the local bustling market, the unknown waterfalls, the fabulous tracks for a trekking hike or a short motorbike ride. They are just around the corner of my QT Hostel.
The town is located some 320 km north of Hanoi. It is capital of one the least populated provinces of Vietnam with a population a little bit above 700,000. The province of Ha Giang is 7,945.8 square kilometers (3,067.9 sq mi) and home of several minority ethnic groups such as Kinh, H’Mông, Tày, Dao,Nùng, and Lô Lô.

By bus to and from Hà Giang?

From Hanoi the bus station with most buses to Ha Giang is Mỹ Đình (some 10 km, 6 miles west of Hoàn Kiếm Lake) where you find day buses leaving from 5.30 am till 13.30 with close to hourly departures. The night buses begin departs between 18.00 till 21.30. The bus journey takes roughly 6 ½ hours with a one mid-way stop. Both the day and night buses are sleeping couches (with no toilets inside). The night buses arrive Hà Giang very early, but most bus companies let customer stay on-board and continue sleeping till dawn arrives or check in to QT Hostel and take a good rest before further exploration of Ha Giang province.
Your hostel/hotel in Hanoi can help you book tickets. If you arrive yourself to the bus station without ticket stay clear of touts (who sadly will do their best to cheat you for fares) and pay only at the ticket counter or if taken to the bus and being assigned a seat do not pay before departure. The bus conductor will take up bus fare some time into the journey. The price should be VND 200,000 (approx. US$9) except peak season.

Ha Giang in Vietnam

Return to Hanoi departs with similar intervals/times as from Hanoi. QT will be more than happy to help you with bookings from Hà Giang. From Sa Pa you need to first get a bus to Lào Cai. From Lào Cai you have a bus at 6.30 am and another at 11.00 am. The same timing for the opposite direction.

Weather in northern Vietnam?

The weather can be divided in two more distinct seasons. The hotter period of April into October where average temperature can pass 30 degree Celsius and where you also can expect more rain. The cooler period, November to March you also see much less rain, but temperatures can be down to 15 or even less high up in the mountains.

Peak season in Ha Giang

There are an ever increasing number of visitors coming to Ha Giang every month so advance booking is always advicable. However note that October through November it is peak season in Ha Giang, particularly during weekends. It is the time of the year when the buckwheat is flowering which attrackt particularly hughe groups of Vietnamese at weekends. Many hostels/hotels and motorbike rentals have advance bookings months ahead and as a random visitor it can be adviceable to ensure rooms and bikes before taking the bus. Another good option is to coming during the weekdays when things are a bit more quite.

Ha Giang

“The traveler sees what he sees,
the tourist sees what he has come to see”

Rules & Regulations at QT Hostel?

These rules and regulations are to ensure your personal safety, comfort and to abide by local laws and regulations, so it is imperative that you understand and adhere to the following when staying with us:
• Please ensure that you show valid identification at our reception desk.
• Vietnamese guests will need to show valid ID card or any other legal document(s) for identification purposes
• Foreigners are required to present valid passport with valid visa.
• No gambling or illicit drugs at QT Hostel, guest will be responsible for any breach of the local laws and regulations of Vietnam and will result in immediate termination of residency (without refund) and a call to the proper authorities
• No smoking allowed in the dorms and indoors. Please use the balconies, roof-top and dispose in provided ashtrays
• Guests should store any valuables in provided safety boxes or register it with the reception. QT Hostel will not be responsible for any damages or loss of personal properties if you do not adhere to these rules and regulations.
• Guests are not permitted to bring food and drinks (besides water) into the hostel from other venues
• No weapons, poison or explosives shall be permitted on the premises at any time
• We clean your rooms between 10:00 am to 2.30 pm every day and ask for your cooperation and understanding for the slight inconvenience this might cause. Throughout your stay we appreciate if you help us maintain the rooms in a tidy and clean manner
• Payment has to be done in advance for the whole length of the stay. No exceptions.
• Please be considerate towards other guests, especially when you are using electronic media. The quiet time for sleeping is from 11pm to 7am. Out of courtesy to fellow guests, please be very quiet during this time
• No visitors, besides officially paying guests, are allowed beyond the front room/reception
• Guests will be expected to reimburse QT Hostel for any damages caused by inappropriate behavior. Inappropriate behavior will result in eviction from the premises with no refund
• Do NOT throw toilet paper or female hygiene products in the toilet as it will clog and it won’t be pretty
• All fans, air-conditions, lights and electrical appliances must be switched off when not in use

Ha Giang

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